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Over one hundred years ago, brothers Harry and Sherwin Robinson established a funeral home in Ostrander, Ohio. In 1898, Harry left for the Klondike gold fields. He returned two years later with new respect for the grandeur and danger of the wilderness, and a new appreciation for man's tenacity.

He later penned, "The law of the Yukon was written on the face of every glacier. It was rebellion, ruthless, aggressive, waging its fierce incessant warfare with the forces of nature." Upon his return to Ostrander, Harry and Sherwin constructed a building which housed both a funeral home and, as was custom in those days, attached to the funeral home and having a higher priority, a furniture store.

Because most funeral services were done in the home or church, the actual funeral home was merely a small office in the larger building. The furniture store offered a wide variety of products and services including furniture, wallpaper, carpeting and draperies. The upstairs of the building was the residence of the local opera house. In 1925, fire struck the business district of Ostrander and destroyed the furniture store and funeral home.

Harry decided to move into the growing nearby city of Delaware. Where he purchased the property of a prominent local banker at 32 West Winter Street.

Harry advertised the new funeral home as, "the most beautiful funeral home in Delaware..." we are more than pleased with the superior facilities our new mortuary offers, and dedicate it to the use of our patrons." Just five years later, in 1930 Harry was pleased to be joined in the business by his son, Eugene. Under Gene, the funeral home service grew and it was Gene who completed the chapel addition in the 1930's and a handicap accessible ramp in the back entrance. Gene married Margaret Swope who took on a significant role in the business. Margaret continued to work actively in the funeral home until age 82. Gene served the profession and community faithfully until his death in 1957. In 1964, Gene and Margaret's son, John, entered the business. John married Sue Tippens in 1965. Together they have served the funeral industry for 35 years. In 1996, John and Sue's daughter, Julie, approached her father with the idea of becoming a funeral director. Julie served her apprenticeship and received her funeral director's license in 1998 becoming the fourth generation funeral director of the Robinson family and continuing the tradition her great grandfather established over a century ago of personal care and service to the Delaware community. Unfortunately, Julie was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2003 and regrettable, since 2018 has been unable to continue her role as a funeral director in assisting those families served by the Robinson Funeral Home.


Sadly, John E. Robinson passed away on March 27, 2023, the tradition of excellent service established by the four generations of the Robinson family is now continued by our dedicated licensed associates.

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